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A perfect storm

Managing the tension between patent expiry and the politics associated with dealing with government funding and gaining reimbursement is creating a complex challenge for the boards of large corporate pharmaceuticals. Add to this, pricing pressures, declining R&D productivity, and stiff competition from generic drug manufacturing and we begin to see something akin to a 'Perfect Storm'.
In these tough times, the companies which will succeed and prosper will be those willing to adapt their business model, particularly through the use of collaborative processes and underpinning technologies. By investing power
in the Chief Information Officer a clear advantage can be won. The right sort of IT leader will simplify time-consuming processes, encourage collaboration and help build and maintain competitive advantage, for the long term.

Time for leadership courage

Those privileged enough to celebrate a business success do so discreetly. For too many years we have taught ourselves that the money would never run out, that we were more powerful and intelligent than the markets, that resource limitation was another person's problem.
That myth ended. It is time to work again. A box on the wall houses the word 'Leadership'. On its front are the words: 'In Emergency Break Glass'. Courage in leadership has come back into fashion.

Corporate Governance Report 2009

The state of the global economy, the unprecedented collapse of so many large organisations and the criticism of many boards and leadership teams makes the current turbulence a particularly relevant theme for this report.

The Chief Information Officer : a job description

The CIO has become a major player on the CEO's leadership team, with ample opportunities to shape strategy, set corporate direction, and lead change.

CIO Insights : A series of market insights on CIO issues which impact and drive the growth of client businesses.

Leadership ability rather than technical expertise is becoming increasingly important for chief information officers as business processes become streamlined and competitors more agile.

The fundamental challenge for today's CIO, then, is to envision and articulate the role of IT in enabling and driving innovation. It follows that they must also deliver. They also need to be transformational experts.

Inside The Mind Of The Transformational CIO

At leading regional and global corporations, turnaround experts of a different kind have started to take the technology helm as transformed business processes become a competitive advantage - and even a matter of survival. Such transformational chief technology officers are usually charged with leading cultural change to enable re-engineering of business processes across the enterprise.

Inside the C-Suite

This complete work includes the following individual articles :
* How to Partner with an Executive Search Firm
* The Chief Executive Officer
* The Chief Human Resources Officer
* The Chief Financial Officer
* The Chief Information Officer


Réseau Interministériel de l'Etat : 30% de baisse des coûts télécoms pour les administrations.

28/01/2015 - A ce jour, 3700 sites administratifs dans toute la France sont reliés au Réseau Interministériel de l'Etat (RIE) et les (...)


Litige Oracle / AFPA : le tribunal condamne les mauvaises pratiques de l'éditeur

28/01/2015 - Dans un litige avec Oracle né au début des années 2000, la première manche vient d'être remportée par l'AFPA et son inté (...)

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